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using old technology to protect your home.
utilizing today's technology to give your alarm system the ability to turn your home into a Smart Home. 

Traditional alarm systems used to consist of 3 parts. First was the panel, which was the brains of the system, this unit was usually a large white or beige metal box that because of its unsightly appearance was hidden in a closet or basement.  Second was the keypad, this enabled the system to be armed or disarmed,  this was also used to indicate if the system was experiencing any "troubles".  These "troubles", such as low battery or AC loss, were communicated via blinking LEDs or a cryptic code displayed on the LCD screen.  Lastly there were the sensors which could be used to detect the opening of a door, motion in a room, or the sound of breaking glass.  These sensors, up until recently, had to be hardwired into the panel which required the alarm installer drill into walls, floors and ceilings to run the necessary wires to allow the sensor to communicate with the panel. This would result in a long installation time, an inconvenience to the homeowner, and increased labor costs in a finished home.

Today the technology exists to completely eliminate the unsightly panel, eliminate the wires for the various sensors, eliminate cryptic "trouble" codes, and decrease installation time resulting in lower labor costs to the homeowner.  Unfortunately there are still many alarm manufactures that haven't embraced today's technology to make their alarm systems easier to install and more user friendly.  They still use the over sized metal panel, confusing trouble codes, and require a wired keypad.  The end result of these manufactures choices is increased revenue to the alarm company for the extra labor required to install the wired keypad and an increased dependence on the alarm company when there is a "trouble" and need to be called in for a service call.   

Our goal is to seperate ourselves from other alarm companies by providing you with alarm systems that utilize today's technology to make using your alarm system as easy as possible.  That is why we selected the alarm systems that you see on this site.  The Alexor alarm system offers you a wireless keypad, wireless sensors, an aesthetically pleasing panel that blends in with other electronics, and a very low price on central station monitoring.  The 2GIG system completely embraces all of today's technology, from utilizing a cellular link to communicate with ALARM.COM and the central station, to controlling your lights, locks, and thermostat with the touch screen keypad or an app on your smartphone.  The 2GIG alarm system also allows for constant monitoring of specific sensors whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed.  This enables you to set alerts to be notified if a liquor cabinet is opened before 5pm during the week or if your son or daughter disarms the system while they are supposed to be in school.  The 2GIG alarm system can also inform you if your children or workers don't disarm the system by a certain time as well.  By choosing the 2GIG alarm system with the interactive services from ALARM.COM, your alarm system will not only help detect an intruder but it will help give you full control over your home or business.  

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